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YZ For Tesla Trunk Mat Model Y Model 3 Floor Mat 2021-2023 Luggage Mat TPE waterproof Anti-Slip Set Floor Liner Mat

YZ For Tesla Trunk Mat Model Y Model 3 Floor Mat 2021-2023 Luggage Mat TPE waterproof Anti-Slip Set Floor Liner Mat

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Color Name



Brand Name: YZ


Filling Material: Synthetic fiber

Material Type: Synthetic fiber

Item Height: 83

Item Type: Mats & Carpets

Item Weight: 8

Item Diameter: 5

Floor Mats Type: Rubber Mat

Item Length: 63

Item Width: 21


Product advantages

Hidden in invisibility For your esteemed self only

Tesla Model Y/3 | Full TPE Footrest Effect Display

The future has come Full TPE Healthy Foot Mats

Tesla Model Y/3 exclusive

Minimalist aesthetic design Matching with the Model series

Aesthetics is a dual fusion of practicality and art

Minimalist quality is the superposition of aesthetic quality and product quality

You haven't used it before Emerging material foot mats

No need to air dry and use immediately Truly odorless

Most foot mats use inferior glue, which severely exceeds the formaldehyde content

Easy to cause allergies, coughing, dizziness, and even cancer

3D scanning Integrated injection molding

Fit the curvature of the car floor and provide real-time feedback on driving dynamics

Ensure your safety while driving

Clean immediately after flushing Just 3 seconds

Integrated forming without splicing, seamless and impermeable, with all sediment stains disappearing

Highly fitting to the vehicle body No displacement or deformation

3D scanning, injection molding, non sticking brake accelerator

Specially designed for special vehicles, which fit the body of the vehicle and make driving safer

Safe! Reliable! Special car buckle

According to the development of the original car buckle, the dedicated car buckle is securely fastened

Real car 1:1 printing Not sticking the brake accelerator

The standard version of the real car does not affect foot space, making driving safer

Menes blanket surface Soft and comfortable foot feel

The blanket surface is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean with just a gentle shake

3D surround elevation Comprehensive protection against dirt

In terms of product fit and dirt bearing capacity

The rationality of foot cushion coverage and other indicators comprehensively surpass those of peers

Tasteful consumers Should not be forgotten by the industry

Farewell to the incompatibility between silk loops and PU leather and car interiors

Welcome the minimalist, luxurious, and understated TPE foot pads

1:1 mold opening for the original car Fit to the original suede surface

As always, starting from details and meeting the original vehicle dimensions

Continuously optimizing the fitting details while also optimizing

Product Details

Good foot pad quality can withstand magnification to see details

Actual photo of loading

Model Y loading actual photo

Actual photo of loading

Model 3 loading actual photo

Real time photos of full TPE front and rear spare box cushions

Model Y special vehicle only

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